Funny Keynote Speaker
Bob Garner

If you're looking for one of the top funny keynote speakers in the business, then you want Bob Garner.

Bob inspires, informs, and entertains. He delivers the "WOW" Factor to your event!

The reason that Bob Garner is one of the leading funny keynote motivational meeting speakers in the industry is because of his unique background as a successful entrepreneur and professional entertainer.

Here is a little more detail on entertaining motivational speaker Bob Garner:

Bob's content stems from his background in the corporate world and nearly 30 years of being a successful entrepreneur. The owner of two diverse companies, Bob is also a sales trainer, consultant, and a spokesperson who has assisted corporations in selling millions of dollars in product and services. Bob is also a published author and a syndicated writer on the topics of increasing performance and productivity. His works have appeared in various magazines, as well as on blogs and sites that focus on sales, leadership, teamwork, psychology and more.


Bob's entertainment background is unique, as well. Bob has appeared at top comedy clubs, casinos, trade shows, colleges, and cruise ships. He has done it all. Now, Bob specializes in the corporate market as a corporate entertainer. Some call him a corporate magician - others a corporate mentalist. The bottom line is that Bob does amazing things and uses his skills as a mentalist and magician to not only reinforce his information, but also astonish your group.

The WOW Factor:

Through Bob's delivery of usable information reinforced with astonishing and fun entertainment, your group experiences something extraordinary. They get the WOW Factor.

That's why when corporations and associations are looking for an entertaining motivational speaker or funny keynote speaker, they turn to Bob!
Funny Keynote Speaker Bob Garner

Clients confirm that Bob delivers information,
inspiration and entertainment.

All of Bob's programs are customized to include key information

that you want your audience to hear.

Here are two of Bob's most requested programs:

The Proper Tools and the 3 P's - Persistence, Patience and Passion

This high energy and empowering program features on focus on the importance of having the proper tools, as well as the 3 P's - Persistence, Patience and Passion - when it comes to achieving professional, as well as person goals.

Obviously, your company is providing the proper tools for your audience to be successful at what they do. But where do they find the 3 P's?

Some of the ways Bob helps them to discover the 3 P's is through:

  • Understanding the meaning of persistence
  • Realizing the power of focusing on the right outcome
  • Learning from the tragedy and lessons of the Great Wallendas
  • Seeing why and how are heroes inspire us
  • Discovering how a bamboo tree can teach patience
  • Enhancing observational skills
  • Listening to your intuition
  • Accepting the need to make adjustments
  • Igniting and rekindling the passion for what you do... and more.

Perfect for all levels of employees, as well as customers. In addition to customizing his presentation to meet your needs, Bob creatively reinforces this information with mind boggling demonstrations of mind reading, clean humor, and audience participation. You decide how much entertainment and how much messaging.


"What Can I Do From This Point Forward?"

Both personally and professionally, we all have challenges. Some challenges we create for ourselves, while others are thrust upon us. However, in all cases, we can choose how to respond to these challenges.

What Bob offers in this inspiring and informative program are ways for your group to deal with many of their personal and professional challenges - not by looking backwards or even to far ahead, but by dealing with their present challenges efficiently and correctly. Despite what has happened in the past or even if the last hour - it's all about looking at where you are - right now - and understanding what you need to do to move forward.

Based on your requirements and customized to meet your needs, here are some of the issues that Bob can address:

  • The re-evaluation of changes to their jobs, the company and their industry and how to embrace those changes to increase performance and productivity, as opposed to fighting them.
  • Coming to terms with and reducing the uncertainty of how and where to fit in with regard to recent mergers and acquisitions.
  • Managing the anger, negativity, and pressure of dealing with new or stricter industry or gov't regulations.
  • The need to work more closely as a team across all departments or units.
  • The importance of diminishing "mental obstacles" that stop people from excelling - worry, fear, and stress - with a plan that works.
  • Dealing with everyday challenges with a new perspective
  • Understanding that each person controls their response to events in their life and that regardless of their job description, everyone is an entrepreneur - they are in charge of their own destiny
  • The significance of pulling together as a team and helping others despite office politics, gossip, etc.
  • Reinforcing the feeling that each person is an important component of the company's success and a valuable part of the team

Key Outcomes

  • A positive and new view of their current job, as well as company expectations and how they can meet them without negativity and stress.
  • A different and healthy perspective on dealing with changes to their job, the company and your industry.
  • The reduction of uncertainty and fear due to mergers and acquisitions, as well as how to work more effectively within the new work culture and become a positive component of the team.
  • Enhanced view of industry rules or Gov't regulations and how to more effectively work with them.
  • Improved outlook on teamwork and the need to help and inspire others at work.
  • The diminishing of the mental obstacles of fear, worry, stress, despair and disgust.
  • Increased feeling of their worth to the company, as well as of themselves as individuals.
Of course, Bob underscores his information - not with the usual power points and slides - but with amazing and fun entertainment. Not only does this make for a unique and exciting presentation, but also proves that everyone has a unique skill set - that when untapped - will allow them to increase their own performance and productivity, as well as lead a more fulfilling life.

Bob has delivered his presentations around the world for numerous companies and associations in a variety of industries. His vast experience, as well as the testimonials from his clients confirm that he is one of the leading funny keynote motivational speakers in the industry.

Contact Bob at 805-534-1576 or go to his official humorous motivational speaker site at